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Dublin Sports Injury Clinic
  • For Dublin resident
  • Various conditions treated
  • Medical history review
  • Objective assessment
  • Customised treatment
  • Discuss treatment plan
  • Highlight recovery plan

Online Consultation

Sessions are held in an online Platform
  • Full assessment & examination
  • Question review & answer
  • Review your MRI scan
  • Discuss recovery plan
  • Clarify recovery time needed

Online Packages

Dublin Sports Injury Clinic
  • 6 weeks kickstart: €800
  • 12 weeks plan: €1400
  • 20 weeks plan: €2000
  • Video instructions – sets/repetitions
  • 24/7 support
  • Customized nutrition plan
  • Lifetime access to the plan
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Why Bob The Physio?

I’ve developed a holistic method to assist patients dealing with chronic lower back pain in becoming pain-free without relying on medication, injections, or surgery. This method has been embraced by countless individuals worldwide who are experiencing remarkable results. I can help you overcome your lower back pain and enhance your quality of life with a 20-minute daily routine. If you’re ready to take control of your pain and start living pain-free, join me on this journey.
P Marine
P Marine
I had the pleasure of working with Bob for my ankle injury and neck & back pain, and I couldn't be happier with the results. Bob's expertise and personalized approach truly made a difference in my recovery journey. Bob recommended shockwave therapy as part of my treatment plan, and I found it to be incredibly effective in reducing pain and promoting healing. The sessions were professional, and Bob made sure I was comfortable throughout the process. What truly set Bob apart is the commitment to my recovery. We train together, focusing on exercises tailored to my needs. Bob's guidance and encouragement motivate me to work hard and stay dedicated to my rehabilitation. He also provides me with a comprehensive exercise program that I could follow at home, allowing me to continue progress between sessions. Overall, I highly recommend Bob. His expertise, combined with shockwave therapy, massage therapy, and personalized training, can make a significant difference in your recovery. Bob's genuine care and commitment to helping people regain their mobility and well-being are truly commendable.
Harry Fagan
Harry Fagan
I attended Bob's clinic approx. 6 months ago because I was unable to train consistently due to back and neck pain. After some treatments and a tailored made work out plan, I am delighted to say that I am back training 3 days a week and pain free. I believe that Bob's wealth of knowledge and his unique holistic approach to rehab is the way forward when it comes to physical therapy. Highly Recommended!
ramesh kumar
ramesh kumar
Bob is the best when it comes to disc related issues. I had L5-S1 disc extrusion and was recommended for surgery by more than one surgeon. I luckily came across Bob in YouTube and contacted him. He was extremely professional and gave realistic view on the recovery. He used to do constant follow ups and always responded to any queries. Before I started the session with him I was not able to walk more than 10 mins. Now I am able to walk long time also lifting my 1 year old son. I strong recommend him to anyone who has disc issues.
Mohneesh Parkhi
Mohneesh Parkhi
I found out BOB through youtube videos and then researched about him using Instagram also. After thorough research, i took appointment for my spinal injury i.e. l5-s1 disc extrusion. Spine surgeons and neurologists suggested surgery for the same, but i was looking for non- penetrative solutions over web. So, i started to look for solutions and i found him. When i contacted him, i was on complete bed rest. I was not able to walk to next room, even not able to stand for more than 3 minutes at a time. I was literally limping and have to take support of my wife to walk few steps. During appointment meet, he explained my MRI report to me and told me that it is not a quick fix and it will take time and suggested me to take 20 weeks rehab program. After enrolling into the same and completing 7 weeks, i feel much better. Now, i can walk, stand , even able to drove my car. Pain has gone down drastically and remains only in hip area. Numbness is gone , i feel more strength in my leg as there was more weakness initially. I am very thankful of GOD because i find him and also of him, to help me with my spine injury. Thanks Bob
Divya P.B
Divya P.B
I was battling with severe back pain for many years. I had tried different medications from Ayurveda to Allopathy but was not helping me. At the same time, I was exploring internet for a solution and noticed Bob’s video in YouTube and thought of giving a try. On my first visit, Bob was patiently understanding my problem and suggesting exercise and giving me confidence. In the following visits he was keep on changing the intensity and type of the exercises which aid in reducing the pain. Also, Bob started guiding me with a proper diet plan. Once I started following the exercise and diet plan provided, my back pain felt much better. I am continuing with the plan provided by Bob and confident that soon the back pain will go for ever. I would highly recommend Bob for people suffering from back pain.
Amy Laffan
Amy Laffan
I went to Bob the beginning of March as I started a new office job in December 2023, overtime I was experiencing pain in my upper back up into my neck which was becoming so tight and painful it was affecting me daily. Bob was great and did a full assessment with me and even after my first session I felt relief and have continued to go to Bob regularly. I now have such relief from this pain and Bob has given me a gym plan to now strengthen my back. I would definitely recommend visiting Bob if you are having any pain ????
John Mulligan
John Mulligan
I’ve been going to Bob for over a year now and I have to say he has been great. He is an absolute professional and very knowledgeable in his field. I have had ongoing knee issues but with his strength work and guidance I’ve been able to get to a pain free state and my overall fitness is much better. I’ve seen my weight decrease and strength increase significantly. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Bob…
Carmen Anna Haenggi
Carmen Anna Haenggi
Bob was recommended to me from a colleague. Working with him has been absolutely amazing. I work with him on body composition and back strength (due to sports injury as a child). I love to go in for 1-1 sessions & he always provides me with a set plan when traveling or working out on my own. 10/10 recommend him!
Kumar Neeli
Kumar Neeli
I discovered Bob on Youtube videos and took a consult. When i started off , I was in 10 kinds of pain. I kept battling them with different approaches and kept hitting hurdles. Once I took Bob's program and followed his guidelines; he gauged my abilities started me off on a mobility routine and slowly progressed me. We had periodic reviews through the program and he kept re-enforcing the key factors; consistency, slow progression and body adaptability. Its been 6+ months. I have come a long way and still far ways to go. Our greatest asset is our body. Invest in your body and health. Let Bob guide you through it.
Jessica Jalandoon
Jessica Jalandoon
I injured my back last year September 2023 and experienced debelitating pain went to several doctors and just given me pain medication and muscle relaxants. Without proper clarity of my diagnosis i keep searching in google that leads me into anxiety, make myself weak and dont know how to fix my pain. I went through massages, physiotherapy with chiropractic manipulation approached, decompression table and did not get improvement. I came across Bob watching all his youtube videos and his clients positive testimonials i did not hesitate to booked an online structural rehab program started with 12 weeks plan. When I started I was weak, cant walk longer miles, prolonged sitting was very difficult, twisting and bending my body gives me pain. Cant sleep well because of muscle spasm, bottocks, hip and nerve pain. Its been 7 weeks of rehab now and i have done significant improvement and recovered almost 70%. With Bobs program you can definitely get clarity of your diagnosis he explained to me one of each details that i have suffered Annular tear multi level disc bulges with nerve compression. I find the mobility routine, upper and lower body exercises being consistent helps me get more stronger and was able to walk longer miles everyday. He is approachable and reachable anytime. His diet plan and advice for supplementation was very helpful in my overall wellness. To those anyone who suffered from sciatica and back pain i would highly recommend Bob consult with him give a try and start your Rehab Plan. Thank you once again Bob for helping, coaching me throughout this journey. Jessica

Average Patient Results
After 20 Weeks of Rehabilitation

Pain Reduction
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Increased Activity
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Symptoms Improvement
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Stress Reduction
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Sleep Optimization
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Self Efficacy
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Don’t Just Take My Word For It

Watch Bob’s online patients’ stories and find out how they fully recovered and became pain free.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Chronic lower back pain is multi factorial and there is no short cut or quick fix. For average patients it takes minimum up to 20 weeks of rehabilitation and sometimes longer.

You don’t need any sort of equipment to follow your rehab plan during the initial phase. We will gradually introduce resistance bands and some light free weights based on your progress.

You won’t, You will have lifetime access to your rehab plan.
You will have 24/7 access to chat with Bob through WhatsApp or send him an email, and he will respond to your questions within 24 hours.
The rehab plan is designed to first improve your symptoms, such as pain, lack of mobility, tingling sensation, and numbness. Additionally, it will assist you in recovering from the acute phase of your injury and help you achieve optimum recovery. However, the duration of your recovery and the extent of progress you can make will depend on the type of injury you have, which you will gain clarity about during your initial consultation.
Yes, you can. During the initial consultation, we will assess your injury and provide clarity on where to start and how to progress. Your rehab plan aims to alleviate your pain and enhance your overall symptoms. Remember, there is always room for improvement, and if you never try, you’ll never know.
We will review your story, answer all of your questions, and review your MRI scan. Additionally, I will clarify the root cause of your injury, outline your road to recovery, and provide an estimate of the expected duration for you to fully recover.
All the rehab programs are one-time payment.
An MRI scan is not necessary for the initial consultation. If deemed necessary, you will be asked to get one.